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Packages of vanilla

Vanillablossom Flavors is now offering the full line of Amoretti flavors and products to the Canadian food industry made to old world Italian standards. Amoretti offers the most exotic line of flavors we have ever seen. Click here to explore their website

Vanillablossom Flavors is now the British Columbia reps for MIWE Ovens (

In 2010, Vanillablossom stocks and distributes the fine Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin manufactured by Borregaard Ingredients of Norway. Borregaard also produces specialty vanillin's for the bakery, confectionary and chocolate industry. These Vanillin's have special aromas and mixing advantages for each application. These are exclusive to Borregaard Ingredients. Vanillablossom distributes these products from Western Canada and Western U.S.A.