Our Story

Vanillablossom™ Flavors, Inc. is a family affair.

Vanillablossom Flavors is a Canadian small business on Vancouver Island, offering premium vanilla products and spices at accessible prices. For owner David Best, vanilla is a family affair. The company was started by Dave's father, Larry Best, who operated the company for 35 years. Dave grew up learning the business from his father, and he still uses his dad's recipe for vanilla extract.
In recent years, Dave expanded Vanillablossom's product line from solely vanilla extracts to include a wide variety of spices, and he prides himself on dealing directly with suppliers to ensure high-quality products for customers. All vanilla beans are imported directly from a locally-owned and operated farm in Madagascar, and all manufacturing—from making extract to packaging spices—is done in-house at the Vanillablossom Flavors workshop in Saanichton. Whole vanilla beans are hand-packaged and sold in resealable glass tubes.

Formally becoming Vanillablossom Flavors in 2002, the company continues to fulfill the needs of both local and national food companies. Vanillablossom products are carried by retail stores and food service distributors across Canada.

Our Team


Originally from the Netherlands, Sander moved to beautiful Victoria and joined the Vanillablossom Flavors team. Sander is Vanillablossom's general manager. He occasionally tries to teach his coworkers phrases in Dutch. Sander is passionate about gardening, growing his own food, and ensuring that others have the opportunity to do the same. To that end, Sander is the president of the Central Saanich Community Gardens Society.


A Saanich Peninsula native, Tristan has lived and worked in Greater Victoria his whole life. He is Food Handler and HACCP certified, and is the primary person responsible for filling every container of vanilla extract and paste that leaves the shop. Tristan often controls the music on the shop floor, and usually raps along with his favourites.


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Dave is owner of Vanillablossom Flavors and our one and only Vanilla Filla.