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Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper

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Dehydrated red bell pepper is made by drying ripe red bell peppers, resulting in a concentrated form of the vegetable with an intense sweet and slightly tangy flavor. After dehydration, the peppers are typically sliced or diced into smaller pieces for easier use. Dehydrated red bell pepper retains much of its original color, flavor, and nutritional value, making it a convenient and versatile ingredient in various culinary applications.

Suggested use: Add to soups, stews, and chili for a burst of sweet and tangy flavor. The dried peppers rehydrate during cooking, infusing the dish with their vibrant taste and aroma. They also contribute texture and color to the final dish, enhancing its visual appeal.

  • Comes in three sizes: 50 grams (5.5oz jar), 120 grams (16 oz jar) & 5 lbs (2.27 kg, food-grade sealed bag in box)
  • Store in a dark, cool place to guarantee freshness 
  • Packed in a PET plastic container or food grade plastic bag, which are safe for use at home and in commercial kitchens
  • Packaged in Victoria, BC, Canada
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