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White Pepper 60 Mesh

White Pepper 60 Mesh

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60 mesh white pepper refers to finely ground white pepper that has been sifted to achieve a particle size of 60 mesh, indicating its fineness. White pepper is derived from the same berries as black pepper but with the outer skin removed, resulting in a milder flavor profile with subtle floral and earthy notes. This finely ground version of white pepper is prized for its ability to blend seamlessly into recipes, offering a delicate peppery taste and light color without visible specks.

Suggested use: White pepper is ideal for seasoning light-colored dishes where the appearance of black specks from black pepper is undesirable. Use it in creamy soups, sauces, mashed potatoes, and light-colored gravies to add a gentle heat and peppery flavor without altering the dish's visual presentation. Its fine texture ensures even distribution and smooth incorporation into the recipe.

  • Comes in three sizes: 90 grams (5.5oz jar), 200 grams (16 oz jar) & 5 lbs (2.27 kg, food-grade sealed bag in box)
  • Store in a dark, cool place to guarantee freshness 
  • Packed in a PET plastic container or food grade plastic bag, which are safe for use at home and in commercial kitchens
  • Packaged in Victoria, BC, Canada
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