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Parsley Flakes

Parsley Flakes

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Parsley flakes are dried leaves of the parsley herb, known for their vibrant green color and mild, fresh flavor. These flakes are a convenient pantry staple, offering the essence of fresh parsley with a longer shelf life and easy storage.

Suggested use: Sprinkle parsley flakes over cooked dishes such as pasta, grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and soups to add a pop of color and a hint of fresh flavor. They can also be used as a garnish to enhance the presentation of various dishes, from salads to appetizers.

Mix parsley flakes with softened butter, along with other herbs and seasonings like garlic and lemon zest, to create a flavorful herb butter. This versatile compound butter can be used to add richness and herbaceous flavor to grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, and bread.

  • Comes in three sizes: 20 grams (5.5oz jar), 60 grams (16 oz jar) & 2 lbs (0.9 kg, food-grade sealed bag in box)
  • Store in a dark, cool place to guarantee freshness 
  • Packed in a PET plastic container or food grade plastic bag, which are safe for use at home and in commercial kitchens
  • Packaged in Victoria, BC, Canada
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